Cases of Crime & Beauty has been in production since July 2016. Since its inception, I have amassed 300+ hours worth of research for my series. Here, you will find all the resources I've used to create my work. The links are often updated, as I continue working on my novels.



General Resources

Crime & Beauty bookmarks folder: Here, you will find 300+ links on the following:

  • WWII history, and how the intermediate post-war years lead into everything the Cold War has to offer

  • European Cold War history

  • Golden Age of Hollywood history, particularly the dark side of Hollywood

  • CIA history that includes its involvement in Hollywood, the Mob, and the arts—and how they all tie into the drug trade—as well as the race to win the Cold War

  • Mob history that includes its involvement in Hollywood, and how their various Las Vegas properties and drug trafficking contributed to the CIA's mind-control research program

  • All of the ridiculous CIA assassination plot histories, including the myriad ways the CIA used the Mob & drugs to assassinate Fidel Castro

  • The mid-century history of the places mentioned in my novels (New York, Los Angeles, etc.)

  • How these all lead into the John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracies

  • General 1950/60s history & culture


Cold War Studies: Excellent website that encompasses the entire 1950s/60s decade of Cold War crime and espionage.

International Spy Museum: Their YouTube page has excellent podcasts that go in-depth on spycraft and such.


Las Vegas Mob Museum case files. Their online page has a really good collection of Mob history info. The museum itself is also worth visiting. I've been there twice, and the curators have done a fantastic job on layout out the history of the Mob, and their ties to Las Vegas. Everything is comprehensive, and the interaction is top notch as well. I highly recommend visiting if you're ever in town.


Mental Health, Substance Abuse & Addiction Resources

While mental health & rehab are not the primary focus of my story, they do take a complementary role. The resources I've used are the college textbooks I managed to save from my undergrad years as a Psychology student. They are free for reading, and I'll provide the links here:



There are also some other textbooks from my university years that I've used as references. Sadly I cannot share them online, as I only have physical copies of them. Nevertheless, there are numerous sources on the Internet, and in libraries about these topics that one is free to research on their own time. Thus, I will simply keep this section short.


Music & Music Therapy Resources

Like with mental health & drugs mentioned above, music is also not a primary focus of my plot, instead taking more of a complementary role. I try to avoid info-dumping in my books where it isn't needed, hence why I am simply going to list the sources that have helped me with this part of my writing:



Military Culture, History & PTSD Resources

I get most of my sources from people I knew during my time as a US Navy brat, as an Air Force ROTC cadet, and now as a US Air Force spouse. However, for those that are nonetheless interested in what sources I've specifically used, I will list them here:


  • Psy Warrior — for psychological operations/warfare stuff. This is about as good as it gets for someone who doesn't have access to classified stuff...

  • Military OneSource — name says it all. Basically a one-stop shop for all things military life. It also has sources on mental health, trauma prevention & care, family life deployment help, etc. Every single military base I've been stationed at really likes to promote this website, and it is a viable source.

  • US Department of Veterans Affairs — Ah yes, the VA. And why not? A visit to the hospital to see a veteran can brighten their day so much. A veteran's first-hand account of their time in the service is worth more to me than any source I can find on the Internet or library about it. Please support our veterans by visiting them! They will appreciate the gesture so much!