Austria's capital, Vienna, serves as a central location for the early Cold War days of the series canon. Most people don't realize this, but Austria, like Germany, was carved up into four occupation zones after World War II, with Vienna also being divided. The terms under which the occupation of Austria ended mandated that Austria become a neutral state, which it did, so its situation ended up being rather like Finland's.


République française.

Along with France being one of the Allied powers on the Western Bloc during the Cold War, the country itself also historically served as a major stage for the CIA's 'cultural cold war' against the USSR. Paris was where the CIA held its politically charged modern arts festival against the Soviets. Marseilles and Corsica also serve as important locations, in that they have historically been the stronghold of the Unione Corse, aka the 'Corsican Mafia'. This eventually led to the rise of the infamous 'French Connection', of which the CIA played a part in keeping the Corsican Mob under wraps against the Communists, as well as getting tabs on the mob's supply of heroin for their own nefarious government agendas...


Bundesrepublik Deutschland und Deutsche Demokratische Republik.

Germany during the Cold War became separated into East and West Germany, with the Soviets controlling the East, and the Allied Forces of France, UK, and USA controlling West Germany. Berlin became the Casablanca equivalent of a 'city of spies', because it was located in the midst of Communist territory, where all four occupation powers were in close proximity (just like Vienna).



Italy is the land of pizza, pasta, Italian designer labels, and the Mafia. It also gave rise to well-known sex symbols of Italian and Hollywood cinema of the 1950s, including but not limited to: Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, and Anita Ekberg. Italy is also the birthplace of Carmen Colombera.


Great Britain.

The UK is the home of James Bond and the MI6. It is also where fellow MI6 agent, Alexander Korda, did most of his film and spy work. This was also where Carmen did some of her training during her time in MI6. London is where BAFTA has its annual academy awards, of which Carmen was an attendee and winner during the 8th British Film Awards.

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