Vivienne Marie Joséphine Dejardins is Lisette's cousin on her father's side.


She is a silver-tongued classical musician socialite with a penchant to get audiences to do her bidding. She also has a knack for dressing in ways that appeal to others, and is very much a trendy fashionista.


Born in Marseille, France, to parents with partial Coriscan heritage, Vivienne's family has a dirty secret of being tied to the Corsican mob/Union Course. Her father worked as a doctor in the healthcare field by day and as a 'street pharmacist' by night. Her socialite mother, on the other hand, was an innocent associate, not knowing any better until they moved to America.


Vivienne moved to Boston, Massachusetts, during her preteen years, where she and her family lived among the Beacon Hill elite. Vivienne graduated from the New England Conservatory of Music as one of its top violinists.


She'd been recruited by Lisette to work for the CIA as an undercover performer. She poses as the Célestine String Quartet's main violinist. During her time as a CIA agent, Vivienne became involved with the 'French Connection' as a courier, smuggling heroin for the CIA from France and selling them to whoever was on the CIA's hit list.


When not touring with the string quartet, Vivienne plays for the Boston Symphony Orchestra as a concertmaster. She even managed to get the entire orchestra to tour alongside Lisette's string quartet and Mira Green in Paris during the CIA's "Cultural Cold War", unbeknownst to them that they're being used as a front within a front...


She is currently stationed in the Allied section of Berlin, Germany, where she and Lisette sometimes partner up to create musical havoc. Vivienne also sells heroin to East German opponents.