Vito "Don Vito" Genovese is an Italian-American mafioso from Naples, Italy. He rose to power during the Prohibition era, when he got involved in the infamous Castellammarese War. He served as an enforcer in the American Mafia. From 1957 to 1969, he became the Boss of all Bosses of the Genovese Crime Family—the most sophisticated and famous of all the Mafia "Five Familes" (it was founded by none other than the infamous mobster, Charles "Lucky" Luciano, and used to be known as the Luciano Crime Family).

Don Vito served as mentor to many future mob bosses, including Vincent "The Chin" Gigante, 4th cousin Michael "Mike the Pipe" Genovese, and Carlo "Don Carlo" Gambino. He is also a relative of Thomas Genovese.

Along with the Genovese crime family, Don Vito is also the boss of the Greenwich Village Crew—a crew within the crime family. He controlled many of the organized crime activities throughout downtown Manhattan, New York. Some of the rackets included labor racketeering, gambling, loan sharking, hijackings, and extortion of businesses. The main hangout for Don Vito and his crew was at the Triangle Social Club, located a 208 Sullivan Street.

Don Vito helped Carmen get her footing in the Big Apple by setting up her act at The Dirty Martini Bar & Nightclub, located in the heart of Greenwich Village. He grew fond of her when she began dating his son. Despite Massi's death, Don Vito still treats Carmen as if she were his daughter-in-law.