California—particularly the Greater Los Angeles area—is home of Hollywood film and celebrities, as well as the hometown of Carmen Colombera. It is also a major base for the Los Angeles crime family. The Mafia has had a long history with Hollywood, often buying/controlling film studios and actors' unions as part of their illegal racketeering. Like Carmen, celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra have long been notoriously suspected in being associated with the Mafia (and often getting parts in films thanks to said connections). Whether or not you believe in that part of history is up to you, but in the criminal underworld of Crime and Beauty, anything goes...



The Chicago metropolitan area is known for several things, the most of famous of which it is known for being the home base of infamous gangster, Al Capone, during the Prohibition Era. And through him, the Chicago Outfit was born. Thanks to the high criminal activity in this area, the 'Windy Cindy' is on permanent watch by the FBI.

'Sin City'.

The Las Vegas Valley is home to the 'Live Entertainment Capital of the World', as well as the crazed site for the atomic test site mania that took over during the 1950s. Looking to profit from legal gambling through illegal means, several mob factions have set up casinos and other such rackets here. Celebrities can sometimes be seen here as well, Frank Sinatra and his Rat Pack, or Elvis Presley. Las Vegas is also where one of the major CIA/FBI missions take place.

'The Big Apple'.

The Tri--State Area is a major location for several of the factions in the series canon. It is the birthplace of the American Mafia, which in turn became the home base for the 'Five Families of New York'. Both the CIA and FBI have offices set up here, as well as several operations. New York City is also the hometown of Harvey Gunn and Eugene Green. Lisette's alma mater is located here, and Carmen's career was revived here. Of all the locations mentioned in the novels, New York serves as the most important and 'anchoring' location, as the city will be revisited several times throughout the course of the series.


Disctrict of Columbia.

America's capital. Before there was Langley, there was Washington, D.C. It served as the CIA's temporary head offices, of which they used plenty of their former OSS office sites for space. D.C. is also the birthplace of Army brat, Lisette Florentine, as well as one of the major duty stations for her parents.

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