"Go forth, and bring honor to us all.

Harvey's step-father. He was a Prohibition Agent of the Roaring 20s, back then when the FBI was known as the BOI (Bureau of Investigations).

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"My days are spent in congress with the locals, attempting to convince them that we are the ones they should trust!"

Harvey's boss, and chief of the New York branch of the FBI.  He is also the spymaster of Harvey's FBI team. He doesn't like the Mob very much. The CIA also had to fight tooth and nail to get him to collaborate with them and the Mob.

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"Just the minute the FBI begins making recommendations on what should be done with its information, it becomes a Gestapo!"

The infamous director of the FBI from 1935 – 1972.  Deeply flawed, but a well-meaning leader. Always on the edge, Hoover was paranoid of anyone he deemed suspicious of criminal activity, whether there was evidence or not. Hoover abused power during his very long tenure. Deemed women to be unsuited for work in the FBI, and the same for People of Color. FBI Agents during Hoover's heyday were almost always White males. Rumor has it that Hoover also a closet homosexual. Yet these issues are small fry compared to the atrocities the CIA has done during the Cold War. Thanks to Hoover, the FBI has a better public image than the CIA.

Historical character; minor character

"You tasteless fools!"

Originally a mob informant for the Genovese, Tony went rogue after discovering what the CIA and Mob were doing together. Instead of collaborating with them, he chose to go against them by starting his own gang, as well as turning Genovese into the FBI at the end for his drug trafficking. Eventually becomes a rival of the Genovese crime family. This chump forms gang alliances in a way that causes all factions to go after him. 100% a two-bit wisecrack, and has zero chance of obtaining the coveted Mayan Cigars over the others in the plot.

Minor character