Muse inspirations: my Jewish friends from the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts, some who went on to become music teachers.

Susanna Ruth Green (née 'Yakovlev'; born 'Сюзанна Руфь Яковлев') is a Russian Jew originally from the 'Pale of Settlement', particularly the Crimean port city of Kerch. Her family arrived to New York City a few years earlier than the Greens. Their timely immigration allowed them to avoid the anti-Semite riots that followed after the fall of the Russian Empire.


A foreigner in a Gentile land, she Anglicized her name to 'Susanna Ruth Green' as a way to assimilate faster. She had a warm welcome among the Brooklyn musicians—particularly fellow Russian-Jew, Geroge Gerswhin—of which she gained her love of Jazz from.


Susanna is a big fan of Gershwin's classical/jazz fusion work, "Rhapsody in Blue", and would often play it to her children. They, in turn, gained an appreciation for Classical & Jazz, which would later become influential in their lives.


A highly talented pianist, Susanna made a modest living performing in concert halls, affluent homes, as well as teaching piano to aspiring young musicians. Everything went all right for once. Susanna even felt like she lived the American Dream...until the stock market crash of 1929.


Unable to hold any more steady income, Susanna instead devoted herself to being a full-time housewife. Only in the post-war landscape of America did she return to her job as a music teacher.