Muse inspirations: Edward Kenway (Assassin's Creed III),

Jimmy Darmody (Boardwalk Empire)

Sigurd Øyvind Gunnarsen is a 2nd generation Nordic immigrant. His mother worked as a baker, and his father worked in the Norwegian-dominated shipping industry of Brooklyn. Sigurd carried on the family's maritime heritage by becoming a merchant marine. When the First World War happened, Sigurd was called to fight, turning his peace-time activities into a naval auxiliary for the war.

He came back from the war as a disillusioned veteran, living life as a reckless, shameless drunkard. He quit the merchant marine business for a more illegal way of making a living by starting his own bootlegging gang. Yet his career was short-lived as his associates (presumably) gunned him down over a quarrel on Scotch whiskey imports. Although little did he and his family know that their supposed family friend, BOI informant, Reynold Byrd, orchestrated the attack. Sigurd's unjust betrayal left him with a grieving wife and two distraught kids, ages six years apart.