"I identify as neither Finnish nor Russian, but as a Karelian."

Lisette's fellow Orchestra & Gifted Program classmate, as well as her close friend. Talented violist and lyricist. Originally from the western parts of the disputed Finnish/Russian lands of Karelia. he has identity issues of being a Finn or a Russian due to the Winter War, and Finland's siding with Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union. He'd weasel in more Russian words than Finnish in his everyday English speech due to this, although he'd secretly pen his lyrics in Finnish. Also the on-again, off-again boyfriend of Marita. Likes Marita, but harbors deep feelings for Lis as well, and attempts to show them to her via his lyrical poetry.


"Dreams become reality when we put our minds to it."

Carmen's co-worker at the mob-owned Dirty Martini  Bar & Nightclub in Greenwich Village, New York, and part of her circle of close friends. Headlining Jazz singer of the nightclub.


"The viola isn't as well known as the violin, Lis. Plus, it's also Vinny's main one, so don't mess it up, hahaha!"

Lisette's high school ex-friend, and the on-again, off-again girlfriend of Vincent. Also the Orchestra class bully. Has the tendency to 'preach to the choir'—especially to Lisette. They were friends at first, but had a falling out after crushing over the same guy (Vincent) in their Orchestra class. Is incredibly insecure about her violin skills, paranoid of anyone 'duplicating' her original compositions, and taking over her status as 'section leader'. Also has the tendency to post a lot of highly vague, so called 'Public Service Announcements' all over the school's bulletin boards of classmates she feels are in need of 'choir preaching' (most notably Lisette) . Is jealous of Lis and the special connection she shares with Vince, but vehemently denies it.


 "Well, doll, I knew you’d show up sooner or later.’"

The club manager of the famous Ciro's on Sunset Strip. He helped Carmen get started in burlesque.

Minor character