Maximilian "Max" Genovese is Carmen's former fiancé. He is the son of the infamous Don Vito Genovese. He is a born and raised gangster, and was bred to be one by his father. And just like his father, Massi is involved in racketeering, counterfeiting, money laundering, loan sharking, fencing, extortion, illegal gambling, smuggling, and the various kinds of trafficking that his Mafia family was involved in. He is cunning, witty, pragmatic, bold, and confident.


When he and Carmen began dating, they would get into all sorts of trouble and live high on thrills. He had a love for hot rods and Rockabilly music, and would sometimes hang out with Greasers. In fact, it was thanks to him that Carmen got into the Greaser lifestyle.


Max proposed to Carmen after a year of dating, and they married shortly after. However, before they could start a proper newlywed life together, Max died in a mob shootout at Little Italy during the wedding reception.