Vinzenz von Brandt

The handler of the ensemble responsible for creating the Célestin & Colombera spy rings. He's part of the board of directors for the CIA-fronted Human Ecology Fund for so-called 'psychological research'. However, he does less research these days, and more theoretical applications of his findings via his spy handling. A 'shrink to the stars', he's become something of a celebrity psychiatrist in Hollywood and NYC. Also has a history with Carmen dating back to the early Cold War days in occupied Vienna, and a very strained relationship with her.

Carmen Colombera

The classic femme fatale of the band. Lisette's best friend and Harvey's seducer. Bubbly and sensuous performing artist; uses sensuality as a weapon. Current Mob queen of the Genovese crime family in Greenwich Village, New York. Ex-gun moll to the reigning Godfather's late son. Widowed twice, she is now the spymaster's mistress. Loves Vinzenz very much, although her affections are somewhat unrequited. Eventually finds herself involved in a complicated love triangle between Vinz and Harvey.

Harvey Gunnarsen

The typical hard-boiled detective of the group, as well as the 'James Bond' of the FBI. Has a cynical outlook on life, and dislikes both the Italian Mafia and Russian Mob. Hunts them down for a living, although has grown to tolerate them after becoming involved in Vinzenz's spy ring full of these mob associates. Also dislikes the CIA, yet begrudgingly learns to cooperate with them during a joint mission with said spy ring. Has the hots for Carmen, but doesn't realize she's been sent to play him. Finds himself too late to get out of her messy affairs...

Lisette Célestin

The elegant musical assassin of the spy ring. Best friend of Carmen, and love interest of Eugene. Current Mob courier of the Russian-American Mob in Little Odessa, New York, as well as a mob associate of the Unione Corse in Corsica, France. Also Eugene's gun moll. Famous and deadly violist who is a product of the CIA's Project MKULTRA mind-control experiments. She is their ace spy, and uses her rigged viola to kill her targets with horrible brown notes.

Eugene Green

The absolute wild card of the bunch and a Brighton Beach/'Little Odessa' native of Brooklyn, New York. The 'Clyde' to Lisette's 'Bonnie'. CIA agent at first, defects to the KGB later on, and then flips sides numerous times. Eventually flips the bird to both agencies, and does his own thing by becoming the 'Godfather' of the Russian-American Mob in New York. Then he returns by surprise to become part of the Colombera spy ring with Carmen, Lisette, and Harvey.