Lucio Colombera is an Italian dramatist and the father to Carmen. He began writing plays and films when he used to live in Genoa, Italy. The types of subjects he usually writes tend to be on the radical side. During Benito Mussolini's reign, Lucio found himself out of work, as he and his compatriots got censored by the dictatorship. Lucio developed a hatred of fascism due to this, and fled Italy for freedom in America.

Believing that Lucio can live the American dream, he relocated his family to Los Angeles, California. They resided in the neighborhood of Elysian Heights for a while, until freeway construction forced them to move elsewhere. Yet during that time, Lucio got blacklisted in Hollywood. This frustrated him, as he was set to move to Hollywood. It was a slap in the face for him, as this was the reason why he pursued the American dream in the first place. He instead moved his family to the nearby city of Burbank, where some film studios have already relocated their operations to.

Lucio's blacklisted Hollywood status caused him a lot of trouble. He became blacklisted due to his increasing Communist views, something which Hollywood had zero tolerance for during the Cold War. Because of this, Lucio struggled financially. He and Gloria divorced over financial problems, as well as increasingly differing political views.

Not much is known as to what Lucio does nowadays, although Carmen stays in touch with him more than she does with her stage 'smother'. According to Carmen's accounts, Lucio still writes screenplays for art house films. He also has a 'day job' working as a waiter in an Italian restaurant.