Associated acts: Alexander von Brandt, Vinzenz von Brandt, Eugene Green, Célestine String Quartet, Célestin Jazz Ensemble, MET Orchestra

  • Célestine String Quartet, classical music ensemble founded by Lisette's mother. Current line-up consists of Lisette, who is one of the original members and is the leader of the quartet. The rest of the line-up are other CIA spies. The quartet is all-female, and they all specialize in playing CIA-issued electric string instruments. The Célestine String Quartet is a front used by the CIA in their cultural war against the Soviets.
  • Célestin Jazz Ensemble, a side project started by Lisette as a way to break away from her rigid classical roots, and explore gypsy jazz. Its members include:
    • Ray Mingus, Afro-Hatian double-bassist
    • Cristina de Torres, Puerto Rican guitarist
    • Maurice Cartier, French Romani guitarist
    • Carmen Colombera, guest vocalist
Symphony (with the MET Orchestra)
Viola Solos​ & Concertos

Viola & Piano


Chamber (with Célestine String Quartet)

Jazz works (with Célestin Jazz Ensemble)