Ivonne Sabine Freifrau von Brandt (née von Sievers) is the wife of Alexander von Brandt, as well as the sister-in-law of Vinzenz von Brandt.


She is of Baltic German descent and was part of Elia Kazan's acting circle for a while before getting married. In fact, she is an alumnus of The Actors Studio. Knowing that Carmen is a current student of The Actors Studio, Irene acts as a friend and mentor to her.


Irene is also a talented writer, penning several short stories and poems, as well as a few dramas and screenplays. She even attempted to sell some of her written dramas to Hollywood and Broadway, although with little success.


She is a lover of Jazz music and met Alexander at a Jazz club. Feeling a romantic spark, they married each other several months later. She bore Alexander two children, a 3-year old son named Otto, and an infant daughter named Anna.

She is a 'key clubber' like her husband and thus had participated in the 'wife swapping' phenomena of 1950s military suburbia. However, Irene's swinging activities are more of the non-sexual kink kind. Like Carmen, she is a Dominatrix by trade and is part of the 'House Fiore' Leather family.