Helene Nicola Benedikta Freiin von Brandt is the younger sibling of the Von Brandt twins, as well as the youngest and only daughter in the family.

She has a warm, charming personality, eager to please others. A bit shy at first, she warms up once she situates herself, and her sociability takes over. She especially shines when she performs for a crowd.

Helene has a dream-like quality to her and can sometimes get lost in her daydreams. As a bright-eyed idealist, she cares immensely for the welfare of others. Unlike her father and brothers, Helene rarely exhibits bigotry against Jews.

In fact, Helene urged Vinzenz to find an alternative treatment to their father's 'combat fatigue', after witnessing him losing parts of his memory to electro-shock therapy and blaming his problems on Jews. She even revealed later to Vinz that she was part of the German Resistance, after discovering that he was involved in it as well. She gave Vinz her full support in his 'search for the cure'.

Like her brothers, Helene is musically talented. However, unlike her brothers, she plays the violin instead of the piano. She is passionate about her performances and sharing emotion through music with others, and has no boundaries when it comes to playing in front of an audience. Because of this, she was nearly sent to the concentration camps on the suspicion that she was collaborating with the Jews, and that her music playing was propaganda.

Unfortunately, she lost her life aboard the MV Goya, just as she and her remaining family fleeted the atrocities of WWII.



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