"I want food that don't make me sick. I want walls that hold back the wind. I want a decent life."

Harvey's father. Hails from an Nordic family with a long-standing maritime heritage. Former merchant marine and WWI veteran. Became a bootlegger after the war and started his own gang. Unfortunately, he died in a gang shoot-out, leaving behind his wife and 2 kids. 

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"Sometimes its best to leave the past where it is."

Harvey's mother. Comes from a poor Scotts-Irish immigrant family that rose to modest levels of living in the Bronx. Talented dressmaker with her own fashion boutique in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn.

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"Innocence dies and innocents die—this is what happens in a war—and the conflict between cops and gangsters is no different."

Harvey's older sister and only sibling. They are 6 years apart in age. She was a victim of the mob's human trafficking ring, and became a sex-worker. Later on, she was rescued out of the lifestyle by her brother. She fled to the UK to start a new life, away from the mob.

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