Greta Lovisa Gustafsson A.K.A. "Greta Garbo" is a famed Swedish, Hollywood silent film star. She was notorious for her introversion and extreme solitude. This added to the intrigue and mystique of her being a 'mysterious woman'; much of her life wasn't well known until later on. Included in her mystery and secrecy was the fact that she did serve as a secret agent during World War II.

Greta was a spy twice over. She herself was a solid go-between for British intelligence, the Swedish royal family, and the elite of her home country. She used her celebrity status to identify Nazi agents and report on their actions. “Medical treatment” was the term she frequently used when engaged in espionage missions.

In early December 1939, she was approached by the Hungarian-born British producer, Sir Alexander Korda. His film company had begun shooting The Thief Of Baghdad in England, and had moved the unit to Hollywood because of the war—or so everyone believed. He was in fact, also working as a secret agent for the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), and throughout the war, he used his position as an excuse to visit "sensitive" areas—under the pretext of searching for filming locations.

For Garbo, Korda organized a very special mission: gathering information on one of the world’s richest men, Swedish millionaire industrialist Axel Wenner-Gren, who had been on the United States blacklist for some time.

It was a meeting of destiny when Carmen and Lisette moved into the Manhattan apartment complex that Greta Garbo resides in. Although Greta is known to prefer being alone and keeping only a few friends, she, Carmen, and Lisette managed to bond together over their shared espionage history. Carmen and Greta were both recruited by Sir Alexander Korda to help with the war effort.