Gloria Colombera (née Gagliardiis a Tony Award-winning choreographer, and the mother to Carmen. She won Best Choreography for the musical, Touch and Go during the 4th annual Tony Awards. She is also a dance instructor and used to teach dance lessons within the Elysian Heights neighborhood of Echo Park, Los Angeles. However, ever since the county blighted their neighborhood to make way for the Interstate freeway system, Gloria and her family have relocated to the city of Burbank, California. She has opened up a private dance studio there.


As a stage mom, Gloria taught Carmen ballet from ages 4-15, enrolled her in classical singing, and even pushed her to become a child star. Thanks to Gloria, Carmen landed a few major roles as a child star in Italian cinema. Gloria did her best to groom her child to become the next Italian superstar, often to the detriment of other child actors' well-being. She became even more of a control freak in Hollywood, where her pushiness with her own child, as well as persecution against other parents' children, came out full-stop.


Although Gloria vehemently denies it, she has self-serving reasons for pushing Carmen into show business, desiring to vicariously experience the fame and fortune she dreamed of herself. Although Gloria can dance, she can barely act, let alone sing. So little does Hollywood know that she was something of a failed opera star herself...

She and her husband got divorced over financial reasons, as well as increasingly differing political views. Gloria is a traditional Italian and holds more conservative views than her husband. Carmen sometimes butts heads with her mother—even more so now that she is older and has realized how much her mother tried to push her into the limelight... In fact, Gloria was disappointed to discover that Carmen went from being an award-winning actress to a burlesque dancer and fetish pin-up model. Angry, Carmen cut her from contacting her for a long time.