Muse inspirations: Agent Candy Jones, tragic pin-up model and mind-controlled government agent.

Frieda Hulda Freifrau von Brandt (née von Igelstroemis the late wife of Vinzenz von Brandt. She hails from Tallinn, Estonia. As a Baltic German noblewoman, she has noble ancestry stretching all the way from Scandinavia, Prussia, and Russia.


She was a member of the National Socialist Women's League and was a staunch supporter of Nazi ideology. As a Classical singer, Hitler took much of a liking to Frieda during Nazi dinner parties. Frieda also sang for her church choir and was a devout Confessing Church member, although a bigoted and heavily flawed one. She had a caring heart but a troubled past, often blaming the Jews for her problems.


Growing up, Frieda's mother treated her with 'strict Germanic coldness'. She never understood why her mother treated her so poorly, being too young to comprehend that the widow's depression and the loss of her husband was the reason why she treated her poorly. Frieda's father was killed in action during World War I, making her fatherless at the young age of 3. Freida and her mother lived together with her grandmother during the resettlement of Baltic Germans into Poland. Frieda grew to love her grandma more than her mother, as her mother never let her mix with other children. Frieda was often locked alone in dark rooms, where she developed strong relationships with imaginary friends.

One of these friends was called 'Elvira', and though the other imaginary figures of her childhood were soon forgotten, Elvira remained as a second personality, growing up with Frieda. Elvira's character was almost the opposite of her own. Whereas Frieda was a creative yet timid, 'spacey' blonde songstress, Elvira was a confident, seductive brunette...dangerous, even...with a sultry voice to boot. After her husband, Vinzenz, accidentally discovered Frieda's alter through hypnosis, he continued the sessions. He kept her personality under strict control in fear of them both being discovered by the Nazis. It was also around this time that Frieda began opposing the Nazi party, after being made aware of her undercover work for the Abwehr as Elvira.


Eventually, Frieda began to question her loyalty to the Nazi party after she had come to know her pastor as a father figure. Her pastor often preached the Jewish foundation of Christianity and the shared humanity of God's people...eventually, it became known that Frieda's pastor had Jewish blood. The Gestapo sent him away to the concentration camps for his heritage and anti-Nazi sermons. Distraught, Frieda retreated into Elvira. She faced a dilemma in the conciliation of Christianity and Nazism, finding the two ultimately incompatible with each other.


Unfortunately, the Gestapo found out about her dissociative identity disorder. While they were aware that she aided the Jews and mentally ill via her Confessing Church membership, they were not aware that she did more than just help the disadvantaged...Fearing that their undercover work as Abwehr spies would be blown, Vinzenz ruthlessly put an end to Frieda's life by his very own psychiatric 'treatments', making sure that their secrets stayed secret for good.


Frieda's death and improper funeral caused much trauma for Vinzenz. He was hardly ever the same...that was, until he met an uncanny doppelgänger named Carmen Colombera a few years later...