Muse inspirations: my dancer friends from the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts

Eva Miriam Green is the older sister of Eugene, and the eldest sibling in the family. She is also the only one out of them to not play a musical instrument.


She is known for her 'smoldering gaze' and domineering personality among her peers. She is more reserved than her younger siblings. Nonetheless, she is an accomplished ballet dancer, having starred in several prime roles for her high school ballet productions.


Eva is also a first-generation university student. Despite her family's financial short-comings, she got accepted into New York University with scholarships she worked hard to earn. Although she graduated with minimal debt, she found it hard to earn a living as a dancer alone. She faced fierce competition with her peers, causing her to take up waitressing as a 'day job' in order to sustain her dream. She also starred in some off-Broadway productions as an ensemble dancer, where she ran into Carmen at least once.


Despite her financial hardship, Eva still had dreams of working for the New York City Ballet. This dream came true when Eugene pulled some strings for her...he landed her a secure job within the ballet company by bribing them. In fact, Eugene went above and beyond by having Eva unwittingly become part of the CIA's cultural Cold War of bringing 'American freedom of artistic expression to the Communists' in Paris, France.


Ignorant to her brother's true intents, Eva nevertheless enjoyed the limelight in Paris, where she performed Igor Stravinsky's 'Rite of Spring' alongside Lisette: Myroslava danced gracefully on stage, while Lisette performed in the orchestra pit and put her hypnotic music skills to good use...