Combat stats (*These are only for when I role-play as this character; most of these are not canon in the novels*)

Primary weapons of choice: Assault rifles, sub-machine guns, and bazookas...

Supplements: Explosives, trip wires, mines, and other traps

Pistol brand: Makarov PM that he looted in the USSR; government-issued .22LR suppressed High Standard pistol

SMG brand: the classic Tommy gun. Gotta go in with guns ablazin'—gangster style, of course—and that includes sneaking said gun in one of Lisette's viola cases...

Assault rifle brand: AK-47 that he received generously during his time with the KGB...he named his rifle, 'Svetlana'

Bazooka brand: a replica of a rocket launcher he used in the Korean War, which was the M20 "Super Bazooka". He secretly kept a blue print to himself, and was able to reverse engineer its schematics and make his own, special copy (basically his is equivalent to the new and improved M20A1B1 variant) He named his bazooka, 'Red Rocket'. However, he rarely has a chance to use it in combat.

Dagger brand: standard-issue USMC Ka-Bar combat knife

Grenade brand: standard-issue Lemon grenades, Molotov cocktails...

Fighting style: Close to mid-range combat, although can go long range if necessary. Throwing grenades are pretty much Eugene's long-range way of fighting. Although if he's able to bring a bazooka with him on a mission, then he'd use that as well. Otherwise, he tends to set up traps, plant explosions, then eliminate his targets via melee combat. He's also good with rifles and unarmed combat. He can take a lot of damage and pack a powerful punch or two, thanks to his time sparring in the tough streets of Brooklyn.

Weaknesses: Poor with long range, and a bit slow in melee combat. He's better off being playing an offensive support role, by providing the party with explosives, implanting traps, or disarming enemy ones. He's also the go-to guy for weapons repair.

Training: As a former Marine combat engineer, Eugene went through basic training and sapper school for his specialty. He was part of the USMC's 1st Combat Engineer Battalion during the Korean War, where his sapper skills were put to use. Along with his prior military experience, Eugene underwent standard CIA training of close-combat and self-defense. He is also good at working behind-the-scenes with tech, often implanting his traps and detonating them from a far away, clandestine spot. Eugene would also be the go-to guy for learning enemy movements, and general tech/hacking needs.

TL;DR: Eugene is the classic 'nuker' in a role-playing game setting, who also serves as the team's 'tank', as well as the "tech guy who hacks things and builds gadgets needed for the mission".