Muse inspirations: various military figures in fiction and real history; military friends and relatives I know of in real life

Estéve Martin Célestin dit Bellemère is a Colonel of the US Army, as well as a Cajun native originally from New Orleans, Lousiana. He is the only one out of the Célestin family to not play a string instrument; instead, he takes up the trumpet. He is an accomplished trumpeter and played at several military funerals during his time as an Army ROTC cadet at Lousiana State University. After receiving his commission as a 2nd Lieutenant, Estéve became an Army band officer. This was his first assignment before switching over to a top-secret Military Occupational Specialty, called "Psychological Operations Officer".


He got called to fight in the European Theatre during World War II and came back as a veteran struggling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. His symptoms got even worse after the death of his daughter Louise, in which he succumbed to alcohol abuse. After his wife pulled through with her own compassion fatigue, she saved Estéve from self-destructing by putting him into her work's music therapy programme. Eventually, Estéve took up American Kenpo as another way for him to channel his negative feelings into something positive and practical. He became so dedicated to his craft that he received his 3rd-degree black belt in a just few years. Seeing how martial arts saved his life, he put Lisette into the dojo he learned his craft from. Whenever the two felt depressed, they would combat it by sparring together.

Similar to his wife's experience, Estéve got approached by a fellow serviceman to sign up for the 'Human Ecology Fund', where his Psy-ops work would be put to use. He agreed to have his daughter become part of 'Project MK-Ultra'. However, unlike his wife, Estéve had a clear knowledge of the project´s true intentions. As someone with top-secret security clearance, he was barred from telling his family the truth until the very end. Thus, he calculated a very cunning move to have a fellow 'healthcare professional' approach his wife and convince her to join. Estéve had no qualms about keeping things a secret until he saw what happened to Lisette.