Muse inspirations: my fellow musician friends from the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts

Daria (Darya) Tess Green is the younger sister of Eugene and the youngest sibling in the family.


Social and outgoing, Daria loves people. She is less domineering than her older siblings. She is as much of a party animal as Carmen. She is also a Synesthete like Lisette, and it was in Daria that Lis found another soul sister.


Because of her age, Daria often doesn't get taken too seriously by others. This frustrates her often to the point wanting to prove to others just how mature she can be.


Daria is musically talented like her brother and mother, showing great skill with the violin. However, like her siblings, she has difficulty in earning a living as a violinist alone. Instead, she has found success in one of her other hobbies: baking. She lives a modest life working as a baker in a local Jewish bakery.


Sometimes, Daria would play compositions together with her mother, brother, and Lisette. The trio often played Gypsy Jazz, as well as Klezmer music.