Legal disclaimer

Carmen Colombera, Vinzenz von Brandt et. al. are copyrighted characters from my upcoming neo-Noir novel series. I don't care if your character has similarities to mine; just don't steal my work verbatim. It's not worth the legal trouble.


Hate mail will be ignored. Insistent ones will be posted in the public spheres of Historical Novel Society, International Thriller Writers, and Sisters in Crime. Constructive criticism is appreciated; unsolicited criticism is not, no matter how constructive it may be, or how much you think I need it. Unwarranted critiques of any kind will be downright ignored. I have all the above-mentioned professional writing organizations that I'm a paid member of, who can offer me the critiques I'm looking for. If I want an online critique, then I will ask for it on my own terms.

Content Warnings

Due to the dark/Noir nature of my writing, there will be drinking, smoking, some recreational drug use, guns, knives, death/dying, hospitalization, gore, swearing, prostitution, organized crime, mind-control conspiracies, mentions of emotional abuse, sadism, masochism and other erotica of the kinky kind, etc.


Black humor may pop up from time to time as well.


If you are not fine with any of these appearing in my published work, then I suggest you find a different genre or book series to read/interact with. In terms of sample chapters shared on this website: they are in the M-rated/R-rated territory.

I am against blog policing and restricting freedom of expression. However, in terms of role-play, I will compromise for the sake of the blacklist system. I'll tag threads accordingly, if you can just let me know of anything you don't care to read/see on your dashboard.

As for my own, I only ask that you tag rape, as I don't care to read it at all, and absolutely refuse to RP about it.

Character death: All of my characters are trained to kill. I am fine with writing character deaths. If you want your muse to kill mine, or want me to kill yours, then just let me know by discussing this with me beforehand!


Deal Breakers

Things that will make me drop all our RPing en masse, both current and future:

If somehow I've unwittingly god-modded or meta-gamed our thread, then please let me know! I will be more than happy to edit our thread if need be, as long as you are willing to guide me through the process!