"Lis, if I'm not gonna let PTSD get to me, then I'm not gonna let your depression get to you! We're gonna do martial arts together, and punch these sorry-ass moods to the ground!"

Lisette's father and Colonel of the US Army. Was a Major in WWII, promoted to Lieutenant Colonel during the Korean War, and is now a full-bird Colonel. Served as a Psychological Operations officer in the service. Basically did top-secret work. Highly regarded in Washington, D.C., due to his classified actions and caught the attention of the CIA because of it. He put Lisette into the Project MKULTRA program even though he knew its true intentions. Didn't regret a thing until the very end, when he saw what happened to his daughter.


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"Babette, I'm so sorry...maman loves you! I did what I thought was best, because I only wanted the best for you!"

Lisette's mother and board-certified music therapist. Worked at the prestigious Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, D.C., and was part of their music therapy research programme. Was duped by both her husband and their CIA recruiter into joining the Project MKULTRA program. Highly believed that what she was doing for her daughter was for the best, and had a nervous breakdown when she saw what really happened under Dr. Gottlieb's supervision.

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"Non, je ne regrette rien."

Lisette's late twin sister. Talented violinist and child prodigy. Unfortunately passed away at age 13 during a family vacation to Niagara Falls. She accidentally slipped during their hike, and fell to the roaring waters below.

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