Psyche assessment

MBTI/Keirsey type: ENFP; "The Idealist Champion"
Ennegram type: 4w3 sx/so; "The Aristocrat"
4 Temperaments type: Sanguine
Zodiac Sign: Leo sun; Scorpio moon; Libra rising
Chinese Zodiac: Water Monkey
Celtic Zodiac: Horse
Moral alignment: Chaotic Good
Intelligence Quotient: 115 (bright normal)

Disabilities: Acute, situational depression, acute stress disorderAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Combined type; Depersonalization-derealization Syndrome (drug-induced), Generalized Anxiety

Vices: Substance abuse of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and LSD. Occasional smoker; social drinker.

Rehab: Yes; supervised by Dr. Vinzenz von Brandt

Tropes: All Girls Want Bad Boys, Beatnik, Beauty MarkBroken Bird, Burlesque, Casting Couch, Dirty Harriet, Dark and Troubled Past, Death by SexDominatrixDoppelgänger Replacement Love InterestEthical Slut, The FashionistaFemme Fatale, Femme Fatale Spy, Glamorous War-time Singer, Government Conspiracy, The Chanteuse, Her Heart Will Go On, Heroic SeductressHigh-Class Call GirlHooker with a Heart of Gold, Honey Trap, Horrible Hollywood, I Can Change My BelovedIn Love With the Mark, Intimate PyschotherapyKicking Ass in All Her Finery, Kinky SpankingLady in Red, Likes Older MenManchurian Agent, Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Meaningful Name, One-Book Author, Power Dynamics Kink, Power is SexyProperty of LoveSitting Sexy on a Piano, Sleeping With the BossSmoking is GlamorousToo Kinky to TortureTook a Level in Badass, Tragic HeroineRaven Hair; Ivory Skin, War-time WeddingWidow Woman, Widowed at the Wedding


Personality strengths & weaknesses:

Carmen is a free-spirited wild child; she is the life of the party. She also enjoys making meaningful connections with others. Charming, independent, energetic, warm, and enthusiastic, Carmen is very bright and full of potential. She lives in a world of possibilities and is quite passionate about things. Her enthusiasm lends her the ability to inspire others. She is adaptable, sensitive, and has a good sense of humor. She loves life, seeing it as a special gift, and strives to make the most out of it.

Along with Carmen's sociability, she is also accomplished, particularly in the arts. She is extremely creative due to her Hollywood upbringing: she knows how to sing, dance, and act. Musical theatre was her passion for the longest time before she ventured into film acting and burlesque dancing. She is good at things that interest her and is project-oriented. Because of this, she’s gone through several different career paths in her lifetime. Carmen may seem directionless and without purpose to on-lookers, but she is actually quite consistent thanks to her strong set of values.

Carmen is an intense individual with highly evolved ethics. She is in touch with who she is and whom she is becoming. Yet her gift of being in tune with emotions is also her downfall. She can be moody, unrealistic, hypersensitive, self-absorbed, conceited, and envious during times of failure or confrontation. And while her value of creating harmony is ever-present, sometimes she can be too non-confrontational, for fear that she'll burn bridges. Perhaps Carmen's greatest irony in her pursuit of peace is her tendency to be obnoxious, accusatory, and conflict-averse.

Although her parents have taken advantage of her ADHD/ADD strengths, Carmen isn't without its weaknesses. She is scatter-brained and not very good at keeping track of time, always doing things at the last minute. Despite caring for other's feelings, she fails at being considerate about their time commitments. She has a difficult time taking attention to detail, which has been costly to some of her missions. She can also be indecisive about important topics, frustrating others with her easy-going manner. To Carmen, life is to be enjoyed at a relaxed pace and with open options, for life is always full of opportunities.


Because of this, she constantly lives in a contradiction of boredom and perfectionism. Thus, she seeks thrilling, dangerous activities (such as engaging in BDSM and joy rides with the leather biker men she meets inside the Mob-owned fetish club called 'Club Midnight', for example, or partying too hard with drugs and alcohol...) as a way to kill her boredom. She will either hyper-focus on a creative project or get overwhelmed to the point of leaving several projects unfinished. Nevertheless, Carmen is a jack-of-all-trades with big dreams and tremendous talent.

Everything that she does must be in line with her bohemian ideals of truth, beauty, freedom, love, unity, and respect. As an idealist, Carmen's goal is to live her life as her true self, walking in step with what she believes is right. She sees meaning in everything and is on a continuous quest for self-actualization. She is constantly aware and somewhat fearful of losing touch with herself, never knowing her true calling despite being talented in nearly every aspect of her life. Because of this, she created an alter ego named "Carmina D'Amore" to deal with the outside world and those who are against her values. She projects a favorable image this way, so others hardly realize just how emotionally troubled she really is. Underneath her tough and sultry exterior lies a broken bird whose innocence is met with disillusion, whose wish is to someday fly away from her gilded cage…