Name: Carmen Colombera


Aliases: "Carmina D'Amore"; "La Donna Fatale"; 'Firebird'; Carm; Claretta Desideria

Age: 26


Date of Birth: 1 Aug 1932


Place of Birth: Genoa, Italy


Ethnicity Italian-American


Citizenship: Dual US & Italian citizen


Languages: English, Italiano, some German, some (very poor) Russian


Religion: Roman Catholic

Marital status: Widowed

Sex: Female

Orientation: Bisexual heteromantic

Education: High school diploma from Burbank High School; pupil at The Actors Studio

Occupation: burlesque dancer, lounge singer, high-class call girl, professional Dominatrix, Method actress

Interests: Singing, dancing, acting, strip-teasing, music, film, theatre, shopping, smoking, drinking, partying, fashion, cosmetics, esthetics, romance books, fetish and kink, sophisticated military men, sugar daddy mobsters, rock-star Greasers, dangerous leather-men on black motorcycles, bad-boy types...

Associates: Genovese crime family, Los Angeles crime family

Allies: the Five Families of New York, Patriarca crime family, Zelenko crime family

Rivals: Zelenko crime family (former), Las Vegas mobsters, various other gangs in NYC (including their allies); Grace Kelly; the KGB

Ex-significant others: Archie, Capt. McCormick (deceased), John Battaglia, Maximilian Genovese (deceased)