Carl Rogers is historically known as the founder of Person-Centered Therapy, and has been one of the key figures in the emerging Humanistic Psychology movement of the 1950s.


He was approached by a so-called 'representative' of the 'Human Ecology Fund' like the Florentines were. Unknowing that the research program was really a front for the CIA's mind-control experiments called 'Project MK-Ultra', Dr. Rogers agreed to become one of its essential researchers and psychologists. He only had awareness of the truth of project when he witnessed what happened to Lisette in their experiments.

Guilty at the outcome, he took Lisette under his wing and treated her. He was able to get Lisette back on track by using a combination of the following: therapeutic hypnosis from the CIA's research, the music therapy provided by Lisette's own mother, and Dr. Roger's own person-centered therapy. He was impressed at how resilient the musician was with the sort of holistic therapy conducted on her. So he asked her if she'd like to be part of his Humanistic Psychology presentations at UCLA. Lisette agreed with much enthusiasm, and even brought along her viola with her to perform.

During Lisette's final follow-up session, she asked Dr. Rogers if it would be wise for her to become a CIA field agent. His burdens finally lifted, Dr. Rogers highly encouraged her to do so, and gave her his full support. As a parting gift, he presented her a vinyl record that he secretly worked on with her mother. Said record would essentially become Lisette's life-saver during her lows. The record consists of several melodic, therapeutic hypnosis tracks composed by Lisette's own parents, as well as positive messages from none other than Dr. Rogers himself.

Years later, at the 1957 'Midnight Climax' drug party event, Dr. Rogers was given Carmen as a potential client. However, due to Dr. Rogers' limited time in New York, he referred her instead to his colleague, Dr. Vinzenz von Brandt. He also figured that given their common interests, they'd make for a better therapist/client fit.