Capt. Brian "Bran" McCormick (prefers to go by his middle name) is Carmen's first husband. Then a newly-promoted Captain of the US Army, he served in the Korean War. He served as an intelligence officer who later took on the psy-ops specialization. Due to his specialty, he dealt with highly sensitive information. In fact, it was thanks to him that Carmen got introduced to the world of espionage, albeit indirectly.


Sir Alexander Korda inducted Carmen into the secret service by knowing her husband. It was through him that Sir Alexander knew who Carmen was. He also helped Carmen get off her drug abuse.


Unfortunately, Bran got Killed in Action during the war. His final resting place is in Los Angeles' veterans cemetary. Before Carmen's succeeding relationships, she would make a pilgrimage to Bran's LA resting place—either on Memorial Day or Veterans Day—in order to lay baccara roses on his grave.