Muse inspirations: William Johnson (Assassin's Creed III), Various FBI head honchos from Gangster Squad, Boardwalk Empire, etc. And J. Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI during the 1950s

William "Bill" Henderson is the Chief of the New York City branch of the FBI. A no-nonsense man, he had great reservations about collaborating with the CIA on the National Crime Syndicate case. He had even more reservations when it came to working with Colombera spy ring, due to their connections with the Mob. Yet after Carmen made Bill an offer he couldn't he refuse, he reluctantly allowed her to work with Harvey. After Bill's session with the CIA ended, he resumed the tackling of the Zelenko and Genovese crime families—even more so after Carmen's and Eugene's deaths.

Bill's perception of the National Crime Syndicate remained unchanged, despite the events following the death of Carmen and Eugene, the resignation of Harvey, and the CIA's cooperation with the Mafia to overthrow Castro. Bill believes that justice can be done without taking the 'left-handed' path. He is also in charge of the spy ring he put Harvey in. Its known members include:

  • Thomas Hicks

  • Karl Lewis

  • Johnny Pickle