Muse inspirations: Wernher von Braun, who was something of a charismatic ladies' man, yet reluctant mad scientist himself when he worked as an aerospace engineer for Nazi Germany, before being recruited to work for NASA via Operation Paperclip.

Alexander Friedrich Ekkehard Freiherr von Brandt is the twin brother of Vinzenz, and the older brother of Helene. He is also technically the middle child, as he was born a few minutes later than Vinzenz. Alexander, along with his twin, are the last survivors of House Brandt.


Alexander is every bit as every bit of a mad scientist as his twin brother is. However, he tends to be more absent-minded, and just as easily bored as Carmen and Eugene. Regardless, he is an entrepreneurial charmer, always looking for new projects to work on, and creative people to socialize with. He has a knack for logic and knowledge, particularly in music theory and audio engineering.


Like his brother, he was classically trained to play the piano at 6 years old, and would even hold piano duels against his brother. Although Alexander found it exciting to the point of advancing very early, he soon lost interest by the time he finished high school. Unlike his brother, he never really resumed lessons post-grad. Instead, he found himself taking up the saxophone and playing Jazz music. He's become a bit of a celebrity in his own right around Jazz circles. He has a continued fascination with music theory, often showing off his knowledge in social settings on how it can be applied scientifically.


During World War II, the Wehrmacht conscripted him just like his brother. However, instead of commissioning into the Army, Alex commissioned into the Kriegsmarine (Navy), as he had lack of interest in doing anything truly military. He'd shown himself to be a brilliant Electrical Engineer in the Wehrmacht with his innovative plans and ideas. However, he would often spend the rest of his downtime holed up in his cabin, ever planning the next mad blueprint, only coming out to join his comrades on drunk sea shanties and stupor.


When WWII ended, Alexander faced a similar fate like his brother when he skipped the trial at Nuremberg by surrendering to the Americans. Wheras Vinzenz was recruited to work for the Soviets via Operation Osoaviakhim, Alexander was recruited to work for the CIA via Operation Paperclip.


Through Operation Paperclip, Alexander freely explored the scientific aspects of his musical passion. He got involved in the CIA's Project MK-Ultra as an audio engineer. In fact, he was part of the team that engineered Lisette's rigged viola. He'd eventually go on to become the agency's gadget genius. He is in charge of giving Carmen and co. the latest spy gadgets for their missions.


Aside from his work and passions, Alex is known to be a bit of a ladies' man thanks to his charisma. During his time as a student at the University of Latvia, he'd often been seen in the company of two girlfriends at once. He'd go on to have many more affairs during and after WWII, constantly seeking more thrills for his easily bored mind. One of them was none other than Lisette, whom he met when she first entered the MK-Ultra program.


Yet unlike his brother, Alexander found himself settling down—much to his surprise—with a wife and two kids. He is happily married to Irene von Brandt, or so he says...some days, he still pines for the one that got away: Lisette Célestin.

Alexander is a 'key clubber' and thus has participated in the 'wife swapping' phenomena of 1950s military suburbia. The dirtiest thing he's done is double-penetrate Carmen with his twin, Vinz.



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